Mme Knorr

I have made a register to keep track of the rose shrubs I have planted, where in the garden I have put them  and how they are developing. Under the link Rosegarden areas are photos from garden areas. Rose varieties list my roses according to variety and   Roses A-Z links to individual pages for each rose.

My interest in roses is recent and started only two years ago. By the end of 2005 I had 217 shrubs in 103 varieties. 95 of them were planted in 2004 and 107 during 2005 and another 25 in spring this year.  14 shrubs are older. The more roses I acquire and the more I learn about roses, the more varieties I get eager to try. Will I be able to hold my horses for a while and tend to those that I have already or will I start a shopping frenzy as soon as autumn is approaching?


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