Rosegarden areas - to remember what I planted, when and where

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I did very little planning when I started. The soil is fairly poor so I concentrated on species and once-flowering shrubs. Later on I have also taken chances with more delicate shrubs.

The names of the areas are "family names" that have come spontaneously. They are the names we use when calling each other or are looking for some lost tool.


Six areas bordering the houses:

Around the entrance 6 pcs                                

Breakfast terrace 7 pcs                            

Alongside the house  12 pcs                 

Front terrace corner  6 pcs                      

Front terrace  8 pcs           

By the guesthouse  7 pcs


Eight Free-standing areas:

Fronting the house 36 pcs

The slope 16pcs                                   

Near the cherry tree 20pcs                  

From the house out to the road  33 pcs

Near the greenhouse  30 pcs        

Up to the hammock 10 pcs                   

Beyond the hammock  14  pcs

Around the large stones and by the end of garden 12 pcs






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